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Benevolent Fund

Originated AUGUST 2013 Each teacher in Area IX shall be entitled to become a member and may remain so as long as he/she teaches agriculture in Area IX.

  1. Enrollment will be by an annual fee of $10.00.

  2. Each district will elect an officer benevolent fund representative. They will be chosen as needed at the Teacher’s Conference. One Area IX teacher will be elected for oversight and record keeping purposes, to be referred to as an Area IX Benevolent Fund Coordinator.

  3. District officer benevolent fund representatives are to enroll members and collect fees during the month of August. Payments can be collected at the teacher’s conference.

  4. Benevolent Fund assets are to be placed in a savings account with the Area IX Treasurer, Area IX President, and elected Area IX Benevolent Fund Coordinator, who will serve as trustees.

  5. The sum of $1,000 is to be paid immediately to the beneficiary of a deceased member. If the fund balance should be below $2,000 when a member passes on, their named beneficiary shall receive one-half the amount in the fund.

See attachments below for more details and application to submit


Benevolent Fund Info Area IX Admin 11/17/2017 12 KB
Area 9 Benevolent Fund Form Area IX Admin 11/17/2017 14 KB
Benevolent Fund Members 2018 19 Area IX Admin 10/14/2018 16 KB
Benevolent Fund 2017 18pdf Area IX Admin 11/28/2017 104 KB



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