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A9 FFA Degree Check will be May 10th, 2021 in Lumberton

Convention will be May 11th, 2021 in Lumberton

  District Presidents Adam needs 2 representatives that would like to be the scholarship representative by ______.  

Texas FFA State Degrees (Lonestar), Star Applications, Proficiencies, American Degrees

  • Applications will need to be submitted electronically to the Area by May ____.
  • Applications will be reviewed and if there are any mistakes, you will have time to fix them. 
  • We will have more direction in the coming days from the State Office. 
  • From _______ we will have Area Review teams evaluate Stars, Proficiency, Lonestars, Americans, etc.
  • The advancing applications have to be submitted to state by Area Coordinator by May ____.

Golden Horizon, Ryan Mott, John Justin, will be submitted through the Roster Management System.  Area will have until May ____to send the winner of the John Justin and Ryan Mott to the state office. 

National Chapter has until ______ to be submitted to the state office.

Texas FFA Scholarships will be due to me on May ____ to Adam 
Texas FFA Scholarships (top 25 from Area IX) must be submitted by May ___  

If you have any questions on scholarships, reach out to Adam Graham or Lynita Foster.



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