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A9 FFA Degree Check will be May 10th, 2021 in Lumberton

Convention will be May 11th, 2021 in Lumberton 

District Presidents

Adam needs 2 representatives that would like to be the scholarship representative 

Ag Teachers:

A9 will be face to face but usining the online electronic scoring program. NO PRINTED Record books or applications needed for any chapter degree, FFA Degree, Proficiency or Stars. Stars will interview face to face in OD at degree check. 

Texas FFA State Degrees (Lonestar), Star Applications, Proficiencies, American Degrees 

  • Applications will need to be submitted electronically via your AET by May 5 at midnight.
  • We will have Area Review teams evaluate Stars, Proficiency, Lonestars, Americans, etc. Please let Mary Wilson know which committee you would like to help with. WE NEED every teacher to help. PLEASE do not be that teacher in the hallway talking to everyone coming in and out helping run the day.
  • The advancing applications may edit their applications and record books after Area as needed to advance to the Texas FFA State Degree Check in June. But, they must be saved as a pdf and uploaded by the State Deadline. Be watching for email from the state office on deadline to resubmit or watching the Tx FFA website. Your suggestions for edits if any will be in the "yellow note" in our application.

Golden Horizon, Ryan Mott, John Justin, will be submitted through the Roster Management System. Be watching for updates in email from Adam.

National Chapter  to be submitted to the state office. See State Website or details
Texas FFA Scholarships will be due to Adam on May (see his email for date). 
Texas FFA Scholarships must be submitted by May (see Adams email for date) 

If you have any questions on:

  • scholarships, Adam Graham or Lynita Foster
  • Degree Check, Mary Wilson, The AET
  • Talent Team, Rhett Wilson, Crockett




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